Tunisian Barbecue is Barbecue’s Best Kept Secret

As one travels in South Hammamet, Tunisia on their way to the Medina, they cannot help but notice the aroma of barbecue in the air.  As the taxi turns the corner, they see their first barbecue restaurant packed, with people waiting in line.  You can see the barbecue pit outside, with the freshly slaughtered animals hanging, guaranteeing the meat is fresh.

Tunisian Barbecue Plate
tunisian-barbecue plate
Barbecue Plate Hammamet, Tunisia

You barely travel 100 feet, and you see another barbecue restaurant, and then another.  The same scene repeating itself. The collective smells of the restaurants brings one to finally stop and eat.  You ask the taxi, “Which restaurant is the best?” in which the taxi driver responds, “They are all good”. So, you stop at the next restaurant and are seated in the back, behind the restaurant, out in the open air.

There is chicken, beef, fish, and lamb that is being barbecued. There is Calamari available as an appetizer along with others.  Then there is the mergez, which is like a sausage.  You cannot decide on any alone so you decide to get the barbecue plate, with all of the above minus the fish. They bring out the dish to you and it is amazing. The dry rubs that they use enhances the flavors and the barbecue melts in your mouth. No wonder there are so many barbecue stores in Tunisia.

We cannot forget about the vegetables that are also grilled on the barbecue, and seasoned just right.  Barbecuing is an art in Tunisia, and the Barbecuer is an artist.  Fortunately, in Tunisia, to get spices for the grill are easy.  Nabeul, Tunisia is the home to the Northern Most part of the spice trade since time immemorial and spices are something that they take seriously.

A must have side that you see at every table is a hot pepper paste called Harissa by Le Phare Du Cap Bon. It comes in a tube and is incredible hot.  It definitely adds a kick.

Tunisian Barbecued Chicken

There is the barbecue dry rub. It is good for all meats. It has a mixture of different spices that the spice-makers keep for themselves, but for sure there is the dry homestyle Harissa blended in. The Harissa gives it a kick.

This is not the only spice rub, oh no, there are others as well. There is one just for chicken and it has a wonderful taste as well. The barbecue spice rub also tastes great on chicken. I like both, but if I use the chicken spice, I like to brush on some honey barbecue sauce 5 minutes before the chicken is finished to give it an amazing flavor.

There is a spice for lamb. Tunisians love barbecued lamb, but they also bake it. This spice is good with lamb either way.

There is also the spice for just meat. This is also a great spice and goes well with anything on the grill. One thing about Tunisians, they are not very creative when naming a spice. They simply translate to English as the animal that it is intended for and this one just is called meat.

There is the spice for Seafood, which they call fish. Now this spice enhances seafood.  It really brings out the flavor and the Tunisians would know about seafood since it is on the Med Sea.

Seafood being grilled in Tunisia.

There is of course Tabil, which is also used for beef, and other meats, but also used for Couscous. Then there is Ras el-Hanout, an all-spice blend with about 12 different spices.

This wonderful barbecue is in Tunisia and now you are wondering, ‘Well what about here? Can we get the spices in America?” The answer is Yes! You can get the Tunisian spices for barbecue in America.

Bambino’s Gourmet Kitchen, which is a startup company has begun to import Tunisian spices from Nabeul, into the USA. They have sources the top spice makers in all of Tunisia and they have exclusive rights to bring them to the USA.  All of the spices are Artisan, meaning handmade and are ready for the grill, oven, or stove.

People that have tried Bambino’s Gourmet Kitchen’s Spices have stated that they are the best spices that they ever had.  Why don’t you try the Bambino’s Gourmet Kitchen taste test and see for yourself?

Every spice is Organic and non-GMO so not only are they tasty but healthier.

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