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Organic loose leaf Green Tea with Mint and Orange Natural Flavors.  They allow the orange to dry out and grind the orange and put it in the tea mix.  It offers amazing flavor and aroma.

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An amazing Green Tea with Natural orange and mint flavors.  The aroma is amazing.  This healthy tea is a great tea for social settings or by yourself to just enjoy.  It has many incredible health benefits. Our tea has dried chucks of the pulp and the peel.

Health benefits of orange peel and pulp tea:

Lowers Cholesterol – Orange peel tea contains pectin and that pectin combines with bile acids in the liver to lower cholesterol. And orange peel also contains hesperidin which helps to lower cholesterol according to Elzbieta Kurowska, Ph.D. doing research in Canada.

Lowers Blood Pressure – Orange peel tea has been used for thousands of years in Traditional Chinese Medicine to lower blood pressure… drink 3 or more cups daily. A study done with men with high blood pressure showed that drinking orange peel tea over a 4 week period lowered their blood pressure because orange peel contains a powerful anti-inflammatory hesperidin.

Powerful Anti-Inflammatory Agent – Orange peel tea contains hesperidin and polymethoxyflavones which are powerful anti-inflammatory agents that help with arthritis, joint pain, redness, and swelling. Orange peel tea also works in a way which is similar to the anti-inflammatory medication “indomethacin”… but in a much more natural way. Thus orange peel tea is a truly powerful anti-inflammatory that most people take for granted.

Heals Insulin Resistance – Pectin in dried orange peel has been shown in studies to reduce insulin resistance and keep our blood sugar stable and thus help with diabetes.

Boosts Up Your Immune System – The pectin in orange peels is another agent that helps to grow probiotic bacteria in our gut. Thus boosting up our immune system and keeping us healthy.

Clears Away Mucus – Drinking orange peel tea clears away mucus and phylum and prevents coughing. But if you have a sinus infection use grapefruit peel instead… it works great for sinus infections.

Headaches and Migraines – Boil some orange peel tea and breathe in the vapors and soothe away your headache.

Cold and Flu – Drinking hot orange peel tea which is full of Vitamin C helps speed up the healing of a cold or flu. In fact, orange peel contains more Vitamin C than the orange itself… almost twice the Vitamin C.

Great for Gas and Indigestion – Orange peel tea works wonders for getting rid of gas, indigestion, stomachaches, bloating, and heartburn.

Soothes Away Nausea – Feeling a bit sick to your stomach then have some orange peel tea and soothe away that feeling.

Contains – Orange peel contains potassium for good heart contractions, water regulation, and helps to lower blood pressure. Plus potassium helps convert stored glycogen into usable energy. Vitamin C for keeping our immune system strong, also Vitamin A for preventing and healing DNA damage. Also, contains iron and copper for anemia, B Vitamins for good mood and vitality, plus phosphorus and calcium for strong bones… and zinc, selenium, and magnesium for enzyme production and a strong immune system.

Soothes Sensitive Teeth – Drinking and holding a little orange peel tea in the mouth for a minute soothes sensitive teeth.

Helps With Weight Loss – The pectin in orange peel also helps us feel full so we don’t eat as much. And orange peel increases our metabolism thus helping with weight loss.

Antibacterial, Anti-fungal, Anti-viral – Orange peel tea is also a good antimicrobial agent that helps to prevent and heal a cold, flu, and viral infections, and fungal infections too.

Wonderful for Bronchitis and Asthma – Take orange peel tea and add some honey and drink this throughout the day is great for a respiratory infection. And orange peel tea is also a powerful lung cleansing agent thus helping with many diseases.

Helps Prevent Cancer – Orange peel tea prevents cancer because it contains lots of great Vitamin C which are a powerful antioxidant. And orange peel tea flavonoids inhibit the formation of RLIP76 protein which is connected to cancer.

Anti-Allergic Agents – Orange peel tea contains agents that prevent the release of histamines thus helping to prevent allergic reactions.

Prevents Disease in General – Orange peels given to mice in laboratory tests at Division of Molecular Diabetes Research – Hope Hospital showed that flavonoids in the peel inhibited the production of the protein RLIP76 which kept them from coming down with diabetes, obesity, coming down with cancer, and having high cholesterol… more studies to be done.

Great for Hangovers – Orange peel tea with lots of water is great for healing a hangover.

Helps with Motion Sickness – Drinking orange peel tea soothes away nausea caused by motion sickness.

Great for a Sluggish Digestive Tract – If your digestive system is working slowly drinking orange peel tea will perk it up and get you moving.

Heals Constipation – Drinking a hot (Not Just Warm) orange peel tea every morning works wonders for healing constipation.

Heals Cramps – Drinking orange peel tea can also help with GI cramps and soothe the digestive system… and help with PMS.

How to make this tea

Since our Tunisian Green Tea is Loose Leaf you should have either a filtered tea pot or a Tea Ball Strainer.

  • In a Teapot add 3 cups of water.
  • Bring to a Boil. Once it Boils take the Teapot off of the stove.
  • Add 2-3 tablespoons of Tunisian Loose Leaf Tea (Equivalent of 3 Tea Bags). Let Steep for 15 minutes.
  • Remove the tea leaves from the pot, pour out the water and add more water.  Bring to a boil.
  • Remove from the stove
  • Add the Tea leaves back to the tea.
  • Put back on the stove at medium heat for 5 minutes. Add sugar to your taste.
  • Remove from the stove. Steep for 5 minutes. Keep in mind that Tunisians love a lot of sugar.  Westerners will probably only use half of the sugar that Tunisians use.
  • Remove the loose leaves.
  • Add Pine Nuts and fresh mint to each glass.
  • You can also add a small slice of Orange and place it on the glass.

Organic and non-GMO.

Product of Tunisia.

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