Energy Seasoning of Tunisia


An amazing energy spice from Tunisia that is not only healthy, but tastes good.  Packed with healthy herbs, this organic spice is a great addition to any plate and is a healthy alternative to sugar filled energy drinks.



Bambino’s Gourmet Kitchen is pleased to announce a new revolutionary spice that gives you energy.  This Organic and non-GMO spice is a healthy alternative to energy drinks that are loaded with sugar and carbs.  Sprinkle a little bit on your food, after cooking, and you will feel a burst of energy in no time.  Recommended for people with busy lifestyles and students needing that extra energy boost to get through their day.

Ingredients: 4 Peppers (White Pepper, Black Pepper, Green Pepper, Pink Berry, Allspice), Ginseng, Nutmeg, Cubeb Berry


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