Bambino’s Favorite Mediterranean Seasonings Bundle w/Spice Jars & Rack

$129.99 $79.99

6 Mediterranean Spice Blends with a Tunisian Spice rack and jars.  Includes: Chicken Seasoning, Barbecue Seasoning, Mosli Oven Spice, Lamb Spice, Tabil, and Ras el-Hanout.


Bambino has chosen his 6 favorite seasonings and put them in spice jars with a Tunisian Artisan rack.  This setup will look nice in your kitchen and are easy open.  Each spice blend is 150 grams, so they will last for a while.


Barbecue Seasoning – 150 grams

Chicken Seasoning – 150 grams

Ras el-Hanout – 150 grams

Mosli Oven Seasoning – 150 grams

Lamb (Meat) Seasoning – 150 grams

Tabil – 150 grams


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