Bulk Sales

BGK sales Tunisian products in bulk around the world. We specialize in B2B sales. Companies contact us looking for certain products. We then source the products in Tunisia and send them to the buyers.  By doing this we are bringing money into the Tunisian economy.  We have dates, olive oil, and spices.


BGK is partnering with international food brands and bringing them to your pantry.  There are many food brands that are famous worldwide but have not touched American shores, BGK is going to bring them to the USA.

Private Labeling

Would you like to put your own label on our World's best spices or olive oil?  If so contact us and we can facilitate an order for you with your own label.  We can either hire the graphic artist or give you the labeling requirements based upon the requested packaging.

organic vegetables


for BGK, organic and non-GMO is not a fad, but a way of life.  We believe that everyone should try to make a lifestyle change to be healthier and this includes improving one's diet.  Who wants to eat food that has been modified with a pesticide that was created to kill organisms?  There are much healthier and safer ways to grow food.  Not only are organic and non-GMO foods healthier, they taste better.

Quality is our recipe

The quality of our foods are second-to-none.  Even though our products are organic, so they are perceived to be more expensive, we strive to offer competitive prices.  Being healthy should not be only for the wealthy, but achievable for everyone.


Contact Us

Contact us for our product catalog and to get quoted on our products.