Break Your Ramadan Fast (Iftar) Like a Tunisian

Salaam alaykum everyone.  I am a revert, and as such, I did not always fast. With my 22nd Ramadan approaching, it has caused me to reflect on this month and the difficulties one has while fasting.  Especially when the Ramadan is in the Summertime and you live in a climate like in Redding, California, a city has one of the hottest daily averages on Earth and will reach 127 Degrees Fahrenheit.

It is well-known to break Sunnah by eating Dates.  Dates are an excellent source of energy and fiber and taste great.  We have the luxury of eating dates from Southern California which are very high quality and are similar to the world’s best Deglet Nour Dates of Tunisia.  It is also Sunnah to drink water while breaking your fast.  We should in fact drink the water before eating the Dates.  Drinking water is the most important aspect of breaking the fast.

However, Tunisians have taken breaking the fast a step further and use Bsisa in the iftar or breaking of the fast.  Bsisa (also spelled Bsissa) is a combination of grains and nuts that have been ground up into a fine powder and then consumed.  The way it is consumes during Ramadan is as a drink.  The Tunisians put the Bsisa powder mix in a cup with water, olive oil, and sugar, and then drink it.  The Bsisa has an amazing ability to refresh and energize the person drinking it.

Two types of Bsisa.

Since I have spent my time in Tunisia, I have not wanted to have a Ramadan without Bsisa.  It is just not the same to me.  The Bsisa made me feel so much better than just dates and water alone.  Sure, we eat a meal afterwards, but the Bsisa is just an incredible addition.  Not only is it used for breaking the fast, but it is also used my grooms on their wedding nights due to being widely known to enhance men’s performance in bed.  It is also used by Tunisian women after giving birth, because it helps to increase their energy levels.

Tunisian students often eat Bsisa as a paste for breakfast, because it is a low-cost breakfast that gives them sustainable energy all day in order to focus and concentrate on school.

The Jewish people use Bsisa before their Passover as well.  So the Muslims are not the only ones that use this during a religious holiday but the Jews as well, making it a truly Holy drink.

I believe that Bsisa is a healthier alternative to energy drinks being sold in the USA.  When I brought Bsisa to the USA I gave it to many of my American friends with amazing results.  They would ask me what was in it and ask if it was legal because of the influx of energy that they felt.  One person had not slept for two days, drank the Bsisa and said that she felt like she was well rested.  Others said that they only took a few sips and felt jittery like they had a lot of energy.  They were amazed.  They told me to ask my wife to send them some from Tunisia because they really liked it.

As far as I am aware, Bambino’s Gourmet Kitchen is the only American Company that offers Bsisa.  It is shipped from Tunisia.  It is suggested that every Muslim household gets it for breaking the fast and anyone that is looking for a healthy alternative to energy drinks.  If you are looking for something to boost your performance this will help as well.

Bsisa has a little bit of a grainy texture but since it is based with water, and olive oil, along with sugar, it has a pleasant taste.  It is a different type of drink however, but one that I personally cannot get enough of.

There are two types of Bsissa, one with nuts and one without.  The one without still has all of the cereals, grains, and chickpeas which will give you energy, but the one with nuts provides an additional influx of protein.

So what are you waiting for?  Try the healthiest energy drink on Earth.

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