organic spice market
foods and condiments of Tunisia.

Our Approach

Our Vision

Bambino's Gourmet Kitchen's goal is to be the premiere food label for gourmet organic and non-GMO foods in the world.  When we say high quality, it is not just a saying but the actual truth.  From the moment you smell our foods, to taste the foods in its purest form, you will know that it is the highest quality, bar none.

We strive to be socially responsible by sourcing our foods in areas where our investments will help the local communities and create jobs for under-served portions of the population.  For example, we have sourced our spices and Harissa from Nabeul, Tunisia which is not only known for having the highest quality spices in the world, but we have partnered with factories that give jobs to women allowing them to be financially self-sufficient.

We have also sourced our olive oil from Tunisia as well.  Tunisia is known for having won the world championships for olive oil for the last two years.  Tunisia is a fledgling Democracy and the only Democracy in the Arab world.  By partnering with Tunisian companies we can help invest in the Tunisian economy which in turn will help to stabilize Tunisia.  In turn, we hope that Tunisia can be the example of a successful Democracy in the Arab world.

Our Story

Our Story

While attending Weber State, Steven Pearce learned about the dangers of GMO foods.  Steven also learned about the sham of organic, where companies would create a story saying something was organic or free-range, but the reality was different.  As a result, he began to buy from Farmer's Markets and to support local agriculture.

During this time, he devised a plan to have flavored olive oils.  Not far from his home, there is a lot of olive oil grown.  However, he went to Tunisia and was amazed by the quality of the olive oil and spices in Tunisia.  Steven was also amazed by how flavorful the dates were as well.  He decided that he would launch Bambino's Gourmet Kitchen and source foods from Tunisia and from local growers.

The first sales have been bulk sales of various spices to other countries but now Bambino's Gourmet Kitchen looks to sale foods in bulk to the USA as well as to package their spices and olive oil for retail locations.  Steven has also made relationships with various Tunisian food companies and is distributing them to the USA.  These pre-made foods are wholesome and conform to the BGK quality test.

Bambino's looks to parner with entrepreneurs that want to sale our goods at their local farmer's markets and get us into their local grocers.  Contact us for info on how to get a sample package.

Meet the Team

The team of BGK is dedicated to providing the highest quality food to your home.  Our staff understands that you are what you eat, if you eat junk then your health will suffer.  If you eat healthy then you benefit.  The dedication to being the best is all about sourcing the best foods from around the world and guaranteeing that they are truly organic and non-GMO.  We have the highest level of customer service and we look forward to working with you.

Steven Bambino Pearce

Steven Pearce

Founder & President

Steven W. Pearce is globally known for his work in Sustainability and international development. Steven has worked on projects in Tunisia and is helping people around the globe with strategies for building their businesses. Steven has given lectures on sustainability and development to universities around the world as well as to government officials.

Steven has a Bachelor of Integrated Studies in Sociology/Anthropology/Political Science with both university and departmental honors from Weber State University in Ogden, UT. His capstone project was on the radicalization process of Muslims. Steven also has a Master of Business Administration in Sustainability Management and a Master of Project Management from Keller Graduate School of Management.

While a student at Weber State University, Steven read, The Omnivore's Dilemma while taking an Honor's Chemistry class. This opened his eyes to eating local when possible; organic; and non-GMO.  He realized that the Prophet Muhammad was correct when he said that 80% of sickness begins from our stomach.  We need to be careful what we eat.

antonio randolph

Antonio "Topcat" Randolph

Chief Financial Officer

President/CEO Antonio 'Top Cat' Randolph, one of the most successful hip hop managers in the south of the US.

Randolph, who has managed and produced Dem Franchize Boyz (Top 10 US), and Trillville (Top 20 US), oversees a conglomeration of management and production companies and collaborations, allowing him maximum control over his product and output.

Nathan Bufford

Nathan Bufford

Chief Marketing Officer

Bio coming soon.  In short he is the founder of Peachtree Music Group and is a multi-platinum record producer.

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