Bambino's Gourmet Kitchen sources the best non-GMO and Organic products from around the world and supplies them to restaurants and grocers alike.  Whether in bulk or retail ready, Bambino's Gourmet Kitchen looks for the most wholesome products to serve to the community.

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Bambino Gourmet's Kitchen looks for established companies from around the world that want to get their products into the American Market.  If they pass the stringent test of being a high quality product that is both non-GMO and Organic, then BGK will supply it to the American consumer.

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Private Labeling

Due to Bambino's Gourmet Kitchen's ability to source the finest products in the world, from olive oil, spices, and dates, to other products, many companies ask if we can package their products with their private labels.  The short answer is yes.  Email us at sales@bambinos.kitchen to find out more.

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You are what you eat.

In an era of ever-expanding fast food restaurants, Westerners have seen a decline in their health.  There has been a rise of obesity, cancer, and other illnesses which has led to this decline.  Most of the problems come from the food that we eat.

Consider for a minute that the company Monsanto, the company behind the herbicide Roundup are in many Genetically Modified Foods (GMO) in America.  It is widely used in corn, soy, sorghum, canola, alfalfa, and cotton.  These foods are used in much of the food that we consume and other products as well.  This is a disaster in the highest order.

Monsanto says that their foods are safe, but in tests, lab rats have had their stomachs rupture, seen tumors, as well as have had kidney and liver damage.  The Roundup chemical is genetically put into the seeds in order to try to grow crops that will have a built in mechanism to be a deterrent to pests. Then they feed us this food and tell us that it is safe.

Bambino's Gourmet Kitchen has sourced the best foods in areas where these GMO foods are not allowed in order to bring you the best non-GMO and organic foods to your table.  Our foods have no fillers and are in their pure form.  It is why we are the highest quality food company in America.

We are always looking for new sources as well as new retail outlets to sell to.

The danger of GMO foods.
studies are inadequate.

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