Exotic Spice Blends of Tunisia

Bambino's Gourmet Kitchen has sourced the best spices from Nabeul, Tunisia, home of the best spices in the world.  Nabeul has been home to the Northernmost part of the Spice Road for thousands of years.  As a result, Nabeul, which is on the cape of Tunisia has developed the best mixed spices around.  All of our spices from Tunisia are non-GMO and Organic.  Our manufacturers are famous in Nabeul.

Exotic Green Teas of Tunisia Gift Set

This is an amazing gift set of 8 Exotic Green Tea blends from Tunisia.

The 8 Exotic Green Tea Blends are:

Mint Tea: 50 grams, Lemon Tea: 50 grams, Orange Tea: 50 grams, Pineapple Tea: 50 grams, Chamomile Tea: 50 grams, Rose Tea: 50 grams, Lavender Tea: 50 grams, Jasmine Tea: 50 grams

Comes with 70 gram tube La Phare Du Cap Bon Harissa.

Value: $74.50

Our Price $39.99

Featured Spice Blend/Seasoning

Our featured Spice Blend is our Ras el-Hanout, which means "Top of the Shelf". This spice came to be when a spice trader had his order of spices fall over, and getting mixed in the process.  When he realized how good it tasted blended, he decided to market it.  Now this is a must have spice in every kitchen in the Maghreb.

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Free Royal Blended Spice of Tunisia

This is the best of the best. Free 50g bag of the Tunian Royal Spice with any orders over $74.99.  Not only will you get the Royal Spice, but you will get the Energy Spice, and a tube of Harissa for free.


Bambino's Gourmet Kitchen sources the best non-GMO and Organic products from around the world and supplies them to restaurants and grocers alike.  Whether in bulk or retail ready, Bambino's Gourmet Kitchen looks for the most wholesome products to serve to the community.

Exotic Teas of Tunisia

Tunisia is famous for its tea.  Drinking tea is a normal routine and brings families and friends together.  The making of Tunisian style tea is a ritual in itself.  The tea of Tunisia is has a very strong taste as well as a pleasant aroma.  The many different variations and natural flavors offers everyone something to choose from. Make sure to check out our authentic teas from Nabeul, Tunisia. All Teas are Organic and non-GMO.

Taste of Tunisia Blended Spice Gift Set

Taste of Tunisia Gift Pack Featuring:

Olijem Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 250 ML, Dry Homestyle Harissa (Medium) – 50 grams, Barbecue Dry Rub Seasoning – 50 grams, Chicken Seasoning – 50 grams, Mosli (Oven Spice) – 50 grams, Lamb Spice – 50 grams, Tabil – 50 grams, Ras el-Hanout – 50 grams, Energy Seasoning – 50 grams, Berber Soup Herbs and Blended Spices – 50 grams, La Phare Du Cap Bon Harissa – 70 grams

SRP Value:79.00

Our Price: $49.99

Featured Green Tea

Our featured tea is our Green Tea, with Mint and Pineapple. Many people have stated that this is their favorite tea that we carry. The Pineapple is naturally flavored and is dried up and blended with the tea to make an amazing flavor with a lot of health benefits, especially in the Winter. Great Hot, Room Temperature, or chilled.

Free 70 gram Tube of La Phare Du Cap Bon Harissa

Free 70 gram tube of La Phare Du Cap Bon Harissa Hot Pepper Paste with every order over $29.99

Free Dozen 70 gram tubes of La Phare Du Cap Bon Harissa

Get a dozen 70 gram tubes of La Phare Du Cap Bon Harissa Hot Pepper Paste with every order over $99.99 for free, plus 50 grams of the Royal Blended Spice of Tunisia, and Energy Seasoning.


Bambino Gourmet's Kitchen looks for established companies from around the world that want to get their products into the American Market.  If they pass the stringent test of being a high quality product that is both non-GMO and Organic, then BGK will supply it to the American consumer.

Gift Sets/Sample Packs

Are you unsure of which spice to try?  Do you want to know which spice is the best?  Are you curious about our teas?  Our gift sets are a great value, as you can get multiple spices and teas, even with some Harissa thrown in.  There are also sets that have authentic Arab style filtered teapots, and Couscousier Steamer pots for making authentic Tunisian Couscous. We will be constantly creating new Gift Sets.

Ultimate Tunisian Exotic Spice, Green Teas, and Harissa Bundle Pack

This bundle pack is our best value.

This bundle pack comes with Olijem Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 250 ML, 9 Blended Spices (50 grams each), 1 Dry Homestyle Harissa (50 grams), 12 La Phare Du Cap Bon Harissa (70 grams), and a 34 oz Arab filtered Teapot.

Filtered Teapot, and 12 tubes La Phare Du Cap Bon 70 grams included.

Normal Sale Price $171.77

Black Friday Price $124.99

Hottest Seller

Our hottest seller has been our barbecue dry rub seasoning of Tunisia.  Not only is this spice great on the grill, but it can be used in the oven and on the stove as well.  Tastes great on beef, chicken, and lamb.

Put this on your dish and you will impress your guests.  People will wonder where you obtained your culinary skills from.

Free Energy Seasoning

Get a free 50 gram bag of Tunisian Energy Seasoning with all orders over $49.99. You will get a 70 gram tube of La Phare Du Cap Bon Harissa as well.  This Energy Seasoning is brand new and gives one natural, sustainable energy throughout the day.

Guaranteed Freshness

We fill orders when we get them to ensure freshness of our products.  Blended and ground up spices and Seasonings have a shelf life of 1-1.5 years, whole spices that have not been grounded up have a shelf life of 2 years.  We want to give you the freshest current product

Private Labeling

Due to Bambino's Gourmet Kitchen's ability to source the finest products in the world, from olive oil, spices, and dates, to other products, many companies ask if we can package their products with their private labels.  The short answer is yes.  Email us at [email protected] to find out more.

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